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CNC Machining

CNC Machining Prototek® Manufacturing can also take care of your general machining as well as Cnc machining. We have 2 manual lathes and a Kent knee mill. Our Hardinge chucker lathe can produce tight tolerance parts and our Enco gap bed engine lathe can handle large diameter as well as longer parts than any of our other lathes, we can do manual milling as well on our Kent knee mill it does have a 3 axis control but it has the flexibility to be used as a manual machine as well. Prototek® Manufacturing feels we can service just about any customer that calls on us.

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CNC Milling

CNC Milling Prototek® Manufacturing presently has 3 Cnc mills in which we can handle all of your milling needs. We have a Hurco VM2 vertical machining center with a Hurco max control which can be programmed conversational or in g-code. With this machine we can handle your parts up to 40" x 18" x 18". This machine features a 16 station tool changer, with the machining speeds up to 8000 RPM and it has a powerful 20 hp motor. We also have a Hurco BMC20LR with a ultimax 3 control which can be programmed conversational or in g-code. With this machine we can handle your parts up to 24" x 14" x 14". This machine features a 16 station tool changer, with the machining speeds up to 6000 RPM and it has a 15 hp motor. We also have a 3 axis Kent knee mill. With this machine we can do larger parts then our machining centers because this machine does not have the guards around the machine. This machine has table travel of 30" in the X, 15.500" in the Y and 15" in the Z. Prototek® Manufacturing feels we can service just about any customer that calls on us.

CNC Lathe

CNC Lathe Prototek® Manufacturing presently has 2 turning centers, in which we can handle all of your turning needs. We have a Mori Seiki SL-15 to handle long running jobs it features a 1 5/8" thru spindle, a 12 station turret, with speeds up to 6000 RPM and a Yasnak LX3 control. In this machine we can turn up to 7.900" in diameter and up to 18.50" in length. We also have a Hitachi Seiki hitec-turn 20SIII, this machine is designed for quick turn parts it has a Yasnak multi L control. This control lets us program the machine of the fly using its conversational program package. With this machine we can turn your parts up to 13.500" diameter and 15.000" in length. It features a 2.000" thru the spindle, a 12 station turret and turning speeds up to 5000 RPM. With these 2 machines Prototek® Manufacturing feels we can service just about any customer that calls on us.


CNC Milling Prototek is now ISO 9000:2001 Certified and the only company in the US to have the latest Amada LC-C1 Laser/Turret combo machine.

Prototek’s New C1 Combination Laser / Turret Punch Press Offers Many Enhanced Processing Capabilities.

CNC Laser

CNC Laser The addition of the Amada 4000 watt Pulsar 2415 5' X 16' Cell combines the latest developments in laser machines and automated loading/unloading technologies. The Pulsar laser is a high speed production or short run sheet metal parts processing machine with parts productivity rivaling a turret punch and with the MP1225 Load/Unloader, and the MST1225 6 Shelf Tower System the 3 machines combine to make a productive cell for processing materials up to 1/2 thick steels and 3/8 thick aluminum. With this machines exceptionally fast operating speed and accurate cut over an extensive range of material gauges and types of alloys it will allow us to process an incredible variety of parts without sacrificing productivity. Prototek® Manufacturing feels we can service just about any customer that calls on us.

CNC Programming

CNC Programming Prototek® Manufacturing utilizes Solidworks, Pro e and AutoCAD to import you designed files. This allows us to program your parts by using a variety of software like Camworks, Gibbs cam, Mastercam and Winmax based on which program is suited best for your machined parts. We then send programs to our vertical maching centers or our turning centers; this process aids us in the rapid prototyping of precision machining production of your machined parts.

CNC Punching

CNC Punching Flexible manufacturing at its best! We can punch any diameter hole, rectangle, shape, angle, or contour. Programs are created using Metalsoft Fabriwin. Our state of the art turrets can accommodate sheets up to 4 feet x 12 feet with a maximum sheet thickness of 1/4 inch, and a wide variety of tooling shapes. Up to 33 ton punching capacity.

CNC Forming

CNC Forming Precision forming/bending is accomplished with minimum effort using these machines. CNC programming allows an infinite number of backguage and ram settings with bending pressures that exceed 110 tons. Maximum length capability is 10 feet. The addition of our newest Amada forming machine offers 3D simulation between the control and our network server, high-speed 8 axis backguage, and offers quick setup, high speed operation and increased throughput.

CAD Computer Design

Computer Design Prototek® Manufacturing utilizes Metalsoft Fabriwin, Solid Works, Pro-E and AutoCAD to import your computer designed files. We can open your 3D solid models, unfold them, and then use the geometry to send to our manufacturing cells. This process drastically helps in the rapid prototyping of precision machining prototyping manufacturing of your sheetmetal components.


Shearing Our Shearing Department offers precision cutting of materials from .005 and up to .250 thick. Materials are inspected upon delivery and inventoried in their proper location.

Welding Capabilities

Welding Capabilities Our wide variety of welding equipment and competent welders allow for your most demanding applications. We also offer spot, tack and MIG welding capabilities to satisfy the industries needs.

Graining Operations

Graining Operations Prototek® Manufacturing comprehensive graining operations is state of the art, we can grain as well as deburrs your parts.


Hardware Machining With 6 tons of pressing force and 18" of throat depth, our Haeger Presses offer a complete range of flexibility for our customer's projects, where quick-turn requirements become an in house specialty.

Silk Screening

Silk Screening Prototek® Manufacturing silk screens in-house to further control quality and delivery. We can design your artwork from scratch or utilize existing artwork or supplied silk screens.


Quality Machining Prototek® Manufacturing guarantees quality. From raw material inspection to delivery of the completed product our Quality Department oversees every stage of production. Prototek® conforms to exacting standards as outlined in client-vendor certification programs.

List of CNC Machines

1 - Mazak HCN 4000 (120 stations + dual pallet changer) 3 axis
1 - Mazak Variaxis (80 stations + dual pallet changer) 5 axis
1 - Mazak Bartac (72 stations) 8 axis
1 - Mazak Nexus CNC 510c-II (48 stations) 3 axis
1 - Hurco VM10i (20 stations) 3 axis
1 - Hurco VM20i (20 stations) 3 axis
2 - VM1 (16 stations) 3 axis
1 - VM2 (16 stations) 3 axis
3 - VMX24 (24 stations) 3 axis
1 - VMX42 (24 stations) 3 axis
1 - TM8 Lathe (manual)
1 - Mori Seiki Lathe (manual)
1 - Hardinge Chucker Lathe
1 - Enco Engine Lathe
3 - Kent 3 Axis Knee Mill
1 - Behringer Band Saw
1 - Fowler F14-A Comparitor
1 - Mitutoyo CMM 706
1 - Mitutoyo QM Height 600 Gauge
1 - Wilton Horizontal Band Saw (Video)

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